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I want to thank London for allowing me to stop!In less than a week, Cursed will release on Oct. 3 and I am overjoyed! This is my first self-published release. To celebrate I’ll be giving away a copy of Cursed to one lucky commenter.I’ll also be running a plethora of contests on my site so be sure to stop by my brand new

It’s common knowledge the Edgeworth men are unlucky in love.Great, great, grandpa bought them a one way ticket to heart break when he romanced the local witch’s daughter, took her money and disappeared off into the sunset. Ashamed the Voiles moved away, until now. As the eldest son, it’s up to him to persuade the women to remove the curse.He realizes quickly he wants to keep, Avalyn Voiles for himself.Now he just needs to make her believe his affections are real and overcome decades of bad blood... Avalyn’s spent her whole life hearing her grandmother bad mouth the Edgeworth family. So, the last thing she expects when she returns to Baxter, wa…


Bio: Siobhan Muir lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband, two daughters, and a vegetarian cat she swears is a shapeshifter, though he's never shifted when she can see him. When not writing, she's dreaming about the heroes and heroines who make up her world. An avid reader of science fiction/fantasy, she has been writing stories to entertain her friends and family for years. She completed her first fan fiction novel at the age of 13. No, it will never see the light of day. Siobhan believes in happily ever after, redemption, and communication, all of which you will find in her paranormal romance stories.

Siobhan has a new release from Siren Publishing!

Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack:
Julianna Morris didn’t know werewolves existed…until she became one. Hiding her new identity, Julianna returns home only to find her teenage crush, Jeff Lightfoot, is the future Alpha of the Callowwood werewolf pack. She’s unexpectedly chosen as a candidate for the pack’s next Luna, the Alpha f…


I will be part of an Exclusive Series from Evernight Publishing
Romance on the Go stories
Coming October 9, 2012

Workaholic. That pretty much summed up Sloan Parker. That, and the fact she’d given up on men, scoffed at the idea of fate, and laughed at the term Happily Ever After. But when she received a misplaced text from someone named Flyboy23, she threw caution to the wind and answered him. One steamy text led to another, and another…. Making Flyboy23 her accidental lover.


Tied Up in Wonderland is an ARe bestseller

#3 on the 30-day best selling list for fairy tales on BookStrand

The Good Sister: Part One

#5 on the 30-day best selling list on BookStrand for multiple partners.

I wanted to take a moment to say a heartfelt and sincere THANKS to you the readers.  It is because of you, your support, and your continuing interest in my work that keeps me going. 
XoXo London


 Be Warned: Voyeurism, anal sex, rimming, spanking, bondage, multiple partners.


    I walked to the staircase, rubbing at the back of my neck. I made my way down to the second floor. I stopped for a moment to stretch before reaching out to the door of my room. Strong hands wrapped around the tops of my arms, pulling my body back into a muscular chest.
    “Why do you haunt me?” he whispered against my ear.  
    Goose bumps traversed my skin. My body, my reactions would give me away. I must find a way not to react to Reid.
    “Please, speak to me,” Reid urged, “I need to hear your voice for my own sanity.”
    I turned the doorknob, took Reid by the hand, and led him into my room. I turned off the lights, leaving us in dimness. The fire was low, no longer raging, but I would need to be careful. If I moved him to the settee by the dressing area there would be very little light, and he would not be able to fully see me. With his hand in mine, I took Reid to the settee. I pressed u…

The Good Sister Blog Tour

Trinity Lane Winslow feared everything and lived her life vicariously through others. She dreamed of the impossible, yearning to be the kind of woman men desired—especially Reid Addison. Reid Addison feared nothing, except how the mousey little blonde daughter of his housekeeper made him feel.Even though Trinity Winslow wasn’t his type, there was something intriguing about her. Lord Ashton Archer lived a fairy tale life with property all over the world, was heir to a ducal dynasty, and had women fawning all over him. Anything a man could want, he obtained by the snap of his fingers. By a twist of fate the three of them find their way into the same illicit world of the infamous Madam Jacqueline Claudette Rousseau. But will they find what each of them truly desires? Or will they always long for the forbidden?

Coming September 14, 2012 The Good Sister.This is book 1 in a 2 book contemporary erotic romance series.I Hope you will join me at: September 15, 2012 I’m visiting Author Lorraine Nel…


Hi all,
My name is Evie Jayne. I'm a 40 year old nomad trying to stay in one place. Helped by two school aged, wild sons, a rather delicate black thoroughbred horse and my study in creative writing. Hindered by living in a city recovering from a series of devastating earthquakes.
I recently joined the Evernight publishing family with the oh so exciting acceptance and release of my first published work, Lunacy and the Vampire. I write paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I'm a woman of dreams and mythology and a closet romantic. (Really, my friends would swear I'm not. Little do they know.)
I like lots of things! Some of those things are
ñyams roasted until they melt in my mouth ñthe smell of horse and hay ñmy sons laughter ñreading until I can't keep my eyes open any longer ñdancing barefoot in the sun ñintelligent television ñhand made ceramic kitchenware ñstrong black coffee ñmy friends (strange artistic types) ñmy family, quirks and all ñeclectic curios from all eras and coun…


The Midnight Cup is a story that follows the romance between a white witch and her man … turned slayer … turned vampire … turned soul mate. Marcus McKinney is a trained member of the Society and a vampire slayer. With an ancient hieroglyphic tattoo to ward off his own personal demons, he travels to a small college town in the Midwest. It is here that he finds The Midnight Cup. A quaint coffee house with a backroom … filled with vampires. The owner of this little establishment is Serenity Baker. She is a Natural. With her long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, she is a beautiful white witch that offers light magic with a simple touch. It is this power that draws the coven of vampires to her small coffee shop which in turn brings Marcus into her life. The Midnight Cup tells their story amidst a brewing war. With a circle of witches, a coven of vampires, and a league of Society members, who knows what could happen next.

Standing in the moonlight, …


I'm pleased to have author Yazmin Subha here today.  

Yazmin Subha is a busy mother of two children, whose husband has got used to her sitting tapping away on her laptop. By day she sits at her job, all respectable and prim but by night she is imagining feisty heroines and sexy alpha males. She is a British author who grew up with a love of reading. Books created other places, times and worlds to visit. It was the desire to try to write that saw her pen her first short story as a teenager. But then everyday life got in the way and it was only recently that she began scribbling again. Encouraged, or rather dragged screaming and kicking by her critique group UCW she decided to ‘have a go’. Her teenage dream is finally coming true.
I'll hand it over to you, Yazmin.
Hi London. Thank you for having me over to visit. As you know, I am really excited at the moment because I have had my first ever release, Wildfire came out on 24th August with Breathless Press.

Braden has searched all his…