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I’m celebrating! Enchanted, book 1 in The Heart Of Winter series is going to print.

The Good Sister, which is part one of my two-part contemporary erotic series has been accepted and is set to release in September, 2012 from Evernight Publishing.

Trinity fell in love with the fantasy of Reid Addison, but will she gain her desire? Or find what she never imagined possible with the handsome Lord Archer? And my contribution to the Naughty Fairy Tale Line, Tied Up In Wonderland, has been accepted for publication from Evernight Publishing.  Release date, September, 2012 as well.

Master Hatter will show his “little Alice” what she’s been missing, one well placed swat at a time.
So what do I do when I celebrate? Give away swag, of course. I will be giving away a LSJ Romance book bag, filled with London Saint James bobbles like a LSJ T-shirt, keychain, mouse pad, and who knows what else may be lurking inside ;-) Here’s what you need to do to be eligible: 1.Be a subscriber of my Scribbles blog 2.“Like…

Enchanted Is In Print!

Enchanted is in print and will be available in Print on Amazon within a week, as well.

Book Trailer: The Good Sister

Book Trailer: Tied Up In Wonderland


I love new cover art!
Here's the hot, sexy cover for: The Good Sister
Coming in September, 2012

And Here's the scorching cover to: Tied Up In Wonderland

Coming in September, 2012


I’m happy to announce that my Naughty Fairy Tale, Tied Up In Wonderland has been accepted by Evernight Publishing. Once upon a time there was a snoopy reporter. One Master Dom who wanted her for his own. And a hard to find underground bondage club that could mean the story of the year….When Allison McCray decided to go undercover and pose as a submissive collage girl named Alice Smith, she may have found herself in over her head. Especially when she becomes the new pet of someone they call, Master Hatter. Having Alice in his club may have been what Master Hatter always dreamed of, only he wished she were there as the woman he knew as Allison, not Alice. No matter. He’d play any game she wished, and perhaps somewhere along the way Master Hatter will show his “little Alice” what she’s been missing, one well placed swat at a time. But does Alice truly have what it takes to be a submissive, find the answers she seeks, learn the identity of the Master, and break the story that could make All…


Excerpt from Love Comes Twice:

The discrete metallic notes of a simple children’s song led Kiltarin out of his dream, but he did not want to leave. He lay between Riane’s legs, kissing over her shoulders, across her neck, and down her breasts, nibbling at her hard nipples. He stroked his cock, exulting in its growth, preparing himself to enter her. But the music that his mother had hummed to him as a child beckoned him, and he knew he had to wake. His eyelids slid open. The indented, jagged wall of the mountainside glowed in soft firelight, and the crackling of burning wood filled his ears. Kiltarin lifted his head and looked around. The first thing he did was remove his hand from the shaft of his stiff cock. He had been stroking it in his sleep. Riane’s dry cloak lay over him, and it surprised Kiltarin that he did not feel the uneven, rocky ground beneath him. He rolled half over and found Riane’s traveling clothes beneath him, and under that spread a thick bed of heather grass. Surrou…


Lilith Duvalier recently tossed away her stable small town existence to pursue La Vie Bohéme in a major metropolitan area. She shacked up in a boarding house, just like in Cabaret, but with Ph. D candidates instead of burlesque dancers and Nazis. Right now she lives in the basement, but aspires to one day live upstairs. With a window and everything.
She enjoys writing, drinking tea, reading, live theater, and spending so much time at the same table in a local coffee house that even the owner thinks of it as “Lilith’s Table”.


Aspiring novelist Elaine is beginning to worry that she is going to die a virgin. It's not really her fault. There have been pitfalls, delays, disasters and possibly curses, but at 35 years old she's getting ready to throw in the towel. She's too old now to ever get her perfect first time, and the longer she stays a virgin, the harder it is to explain. The pre…