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News: The Good Sister

The contract has been signed with Evernight Publishing for the publication of The Good Sister.  This is part one of a two book contemporary erotic series.  The tentative release date, September, 2012.

I'm always being asked about inspiration, and how do I gain inspiration for a book.  Well, a quote inspired the idea for The Good Sister, so I thought I would share it:

"We always long for the forbidden things, and desire what is denied us."
~Francois Rabelashes~

Music is my other inspiration, so here is the listening list for The Good Sister (Part One)
One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful The Veronicas - Untouched Blue October – Ugly Side Bonnie Raitt – I Can’t Make You Love Me Rascal Flatts – I’m Movin’ On Adele - Promise This Taylor Swift – White Horse David Cook - Time of My Life Train – Marry me
Here's a sneak peek blurb: Trinity Lane Winslow feared everything, and lived her life vicariously through others. She dreamed of the impossible. To be the kind of woman who turned me…


I’m happy to announce I received an acceptance from Evernight Publishing to have part one of my two part erotic series called The Good Sister published! More details will be coming soon. :D
XoXo London


Lila has graciously offered to give away one free ebook copy to one lucky commenter.  Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win.

Blurb for Vixen and the Pea:
All that stands between playboy Prince Koldo and the throne is his wife…or the lack thereof. Koldo has no desire to wed anyone, let alone the know-it-all shrew his parents favor.Lady Otsana is fed up with the oppressive sexism that requires she hide her face, body and brains. She much prefers the sexual adventures she enjoys out of her birka-like clothing when she becomes Fleur. Prince Koldo also has an alter ego, Bero, only Fleur is not fooled by his disguise. Just as Fleur and Bero’s attempts to best each other in the bedroom blossom into romance, Koldo reaches the end of his tether. His bride will be chosen by contest at the upcoming King’s Ball. Otsana must make a difficult decision. Will she enter the Prince’s contest and risk all for a chance at love or will she play it safe but give up Bero forever?

Excerpt: The first …

K. Williams ~ In The Spotlight

K. Williams is a college student living in Texas. She is married to Iraq veteran Specialist J. Williams of the United States Army. The two are the proud parents of one hyper furbaby, a black and white Chihuahua named Ringo. As the name indicates, both she and her husband are huge fans of The Beatles. When she is not writing, K. Williams is organizing a local LGBT friendly group and studying for her degree in social work. She has a passion for helping people as well as writing. Blog: Evernight Author Page:

Aaron is a soldier preparing to deploy for the first time. During the process, he meets Oliver. There is an instant connection. The entire time that Aaron is overseas, the two continue to think of each other and wonder what could have been. Upon Aaron’s return, fate brings the two together again. Lust ignites a beautiful love.However, in the Army change is bound to happen and relationships are put to …


Enchanted, Book 1 in The Heart Of Winter Series is coming soon to print!

Can love withstand the test of time? Winter never truly understood love, nor did she have time for men until she met Austin Wells Carlyle.He was the man who would rock her world to its foundations.He would test her notions, give her something to believe in, and change her misguided thoughts regarding happily ever after. Strangely, she was going to allow him be the one thing she never believed in—her soul mate.

Evernight Publishing


Tyler Robbins is the pen name of author Robin Badillo, who lives in a small Texas town and is the mother of four nearly grown kids, two boys and two girls.
Tyler enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone and pushes the envelope on the stories she writes every chance she gets. She hopes her readers are just as thrilled as she is with the chances she’s taking.
Always the optimist, Tyler is a firm believer that grey hair is merely God’s graffiti!

Website /Blog:


 Beyond Honor Blurb Army Medic, Private Michael Crest, is quite content in his life with the exception of one thing—he’s in need of a good man and has his sights set on another medic, Specialist Jared Prophet. The problem? Jared’s in deep denial about his sexuality. After an unexpected, erotic exchange, Jared decides his only rec…

13 Authors ~ 13 Cyber-sexy Stories

KEYBOARDS AND KINK Anthology from Evernight Publishing.
A night at home on the computer doesn’t have to be boring…
Feel like chatting? Or maybe doing something more daring? The stranger reaching out across cyberspace could be a creepy pervert, but what if he wasn’t? What if he’s a vampire, the sexy boy next door, or even your gorgeous boss? Thirteen tales explore all the delicious possibilities when online relationships lead to sexy encounters away from the keyboard.
The Satin Rose Experience by Sandra Bunino Type Dirty to Me by Kassanna Night Games by Carolyn Rosewood Session Interrupted by Raven McAllan Changing the Rules by Vanessa Devereaux The Queen of Happy Endings by Annalynne Russo Willing Her by Ashlynn Monroe AFK: a C.O.V.E.N. Story by Casey Moss The Stranger You Know by Melissa Hosack Immortal Game by Danica Avet Her Demon Charms by Xandra James Up All Night by Jorja Lovett Lara’s Liaison by Eve Meridian
Feeling kinky? KEYBOARDS AND KINK is now available on Evernight Publishing, A…